Guerniss VC Amino Acid Deep Cleansing Bubbles Face Wash 120ml

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৳ 1,035


Products Description

Guerniss Vitamin C Face Wash is a vitamin C based face wash. We also know Vitamin C as ascorbic acid or ascorbate. It is a water-soluble vitamin and we find it in citrus and other fruits and vegetables. This means it does dissolve in water and is delivered to the body’s tissues. But it is not well stored, so it must be taken daily through food or supplements.

 Vitamin C for skin

Vitamin C plays a vital role in healing wounds and infections. It is a powerful antioxidant. It can also neutralize harmful free radicals. It helps to make collagen. Collagen is a fibrous protein in connective tissue and it weaves throughout various systems in the body. Besides this vitamin helps to make several hormones and chemical messengers used in the brain and nerves.

Vitamin C is a legendary ingredient in the world of skin care. Besides, it is an incredible antioxidant and anti-inflammatory which plays a major role in improving skin tone and texture, hydrating the skin, and reducing signs of aging.

Cosmetics Industries use Vitamin C widely for products , for example Guerniss Vitamin C Face Wash. It’s better to have topical vitamin C which is significantly more effective than consuming it.

Benefits of Vitamin C for skin


  •       It certainly helps to heal wounds
  •       Helps to build collagen, it also used to keep skin youthful and plump
  •       Helps to maintain also repair damaged skin and cartilage
  •       Brighten up skin tone, reduce redness and dark spots
  •       Even the skin tone significantly
  •       Prevent premature aging as well as free radicals

Let’s see in which products in your skin care routine should generally include Vitamin C:

  •       Cleanser
  •       Toner
  •       Vitamin C serum
  •       Moisturizer
  •       Sunscreen


It is one of the most beneficial products for your daily skin care routine.  The form of vitamin c we use in this face wash is AMINO ACID. According to the statement of the recent world skin specialist and experts this acid is being treated as the best and the gentlest facial cleanser ingredients.

Amino Acid protects skin from free-radical damage, reduces signs of aging, and maintains the elasticity of your skin. It is a Foaming Cleanser.  With a durable and extra ordinary silicone brush on its top that gently exfoliates the skin. It removes dull skin layers and also removes stubborn makeup very well. 

Daily usage of Guerniss Vitamin C Face Wash keeps your skin hydrated in attaining and maintaining flawless skin. Moreover, this face wash is also for oil control, dirt and impurities removal, blackhead removal, deep cleansing from the core of skin. Dermatologists tested and recommended this product.

How To Use

Pump the cleanser as needed with the Silicone Brush and then gently rub onto the face in a circular motion. Smoothly rub onto the skin till 5 minutes and then rinse well with clear water. To achieve optimum benefit, use your favourite Guerniss Cleanser twice a day.

Key Ingredient

Citric Acid, Vitamin C.

Detailed Ingredient

Water, Sodium C 12-13 Alkyl Sulphate, Cocamide, Sodium Lauroyl, Glutamate, Peg-3 Cocamide, Peg/Ppg-17/6 Copolymer, Dmdm Hydantoin, Peg-35 Castor Oil/ Peg-50 Hydrogenated Castor Oil/ Nonoxynol-12, Aroma, Citric Acid, Vitamin C.


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