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Guerniss Makeup Setting Spray

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Products Description

Matte Makeup Setting spray is a cosmetic product that is designed to preserve applied make-up in place and gives longevity. A setting spray also gives a smooth, non-powdery, non-cakey, and nourished look to the skin.

We usually apply setting spray at the end of the makeup procedure. The overall purpose of using a matte makeup setting spray is to help prevent the makeup from sliding, smudging, creasing, or fading quickly.

Types of Setting Sprays:

  •       Mattifying Setting Spray
  •       Illuminating Setting Spray

Many companies make some setting sprays infused with soothing, hydrating and calming ingredients.

Makeup artists and experts recommend using Guerniss matte makeup setting spray over the skin post makeup application. But if it’s a big night or even a wedding and you’re looking for a super sturdy base. A pump between each makeup step will help to lock the makeup in.

How to use the product

You should hold the bottle six to eight inches away from your face. Some people spray it very close to the face as a result the spray doesn’t spread evenly on the face. Spray the matte makeup setting spray a few times, make sure you get full, even coverage on your face. Use setting spray on the top layer of makeup for best results. After setting all the products.

More about Makeup Setting Spray

We formulate this product and develop to hold your full-face makeup solidly in place as a top coat after you have completed all your makeup steps. If you have oily skin or your makeup gradually smudges and gradually fades away, Guerniss makeup setting spray could be the best possible solution for you.

Since matte makeup setting spray application is in the final step of your makeup, it never comes in contact with your actual skin. So, for your hypersensitive skin our setting spray should be your ideal choice.

Consequently, it keeps your skin matte and hydrated, intensifies your foundation finish and prolongs your makeup staying power

How To Use

Make sure you give it a good shake first. For optimum application, hold the bottle about six to eight inches away from your face. Spritz first in an X formation, and then a T formation. You can then spot-spray as you need. Finally, make sure you let your setting spray dry naturally and it prevents your makeup from smudging, creasing, or fading throughout the day.


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