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Guerniss Liquid Matte and Deep Black Eyeliner

৳ 545

৳ 545


Products Description

Semi Matte Black Eyeliner comes in a small container with liquid in it and a very thin applicator. It is both matte and waterproof. What we have seen is that matte eyeliners are generally not waterproof. 

Eyeliner can be four types. Which are:

·        Gel Eyeliner

·        Liquid Eyeliner

·        Pencil Eyeliner

·        Felt-Tip Eyeliner

Guerniss Liquid Matte Black Eyeliner

It is great for those who want to create various types of eyeliner looks, for example cat eye, foxy eye etc. It is very easy to grip and apply. It is a 5ml product that is very lightweight and handy. 

The applicator is very thin and precise so you can make any look with this eyeliner easily.

This eyeliner is smudge proof which is perfect for oily upper lids. It is waterproof so it does not wash away with sweat or rain. It is very long lasting and doesn’t crack or fades away.

The colour is intense matte black that can create a dramatic finish to your eye look and over all makeup look. A good makeup look is highly dependent on good waterproof eyeliner. Sometimes we do not use anything else apart from eyeliner in our everyday look. So, it is very important to use high quality eyeliner.

About Eye health 

Eye is the most sensitive organ of our body. The skin of the eye area is thin and it can get affected easily by harmful chemicals. A good quality eyeliner is very important for your eye health. This eyeliner is absolutely safe for sensitive eyes.

More about Liquid Matte Black Eyeliner 

This product is a perfect eyeliner for your everyday use. And also great for occasional wear. Besides, this product is affordable, cruelty free and vegan. The coverage is buildable with intense jet-black colour so that you can make your look more alluring and attractive.



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