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Guerniss Lasting Matte Waterproof Khol Kajal

৳ 549

৳ 549


Product Description

Matte Kohl Kajal Pen is a cosmetic product that we generally apply on the waterline of lower and upper eyelids. Kajal makes the eye look sharper and prettier. Kajal deepens and defines the waterline and this product is usually black in colour.

Kajal specifically comes in a watery or creamy texture. It usually contains organic ingredients like Hydrogenated Castor Oil, juice of Monasha plant, sandalwood etc. Moreover, Matte Khol Kajal Pen also has a watery and creamy texture that makes it easy to apply in the lower eyelid as well as in the upper eyelid.

Kajal is also known as Kohl and it is a go to eye cosmetic product in the South Asian Community.

Kajal can be different colours, but the commonly used are:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • White

If you have bigger eyes you can use black kajol to sharpen, define and also make them appear smaller. If you have smaller eyes you can make them look bigger with white kajal.

What is Matte Kohl Kajal Pen

This Kajol has a basic kajal pencil type of packeging. It requires sharpening using a sharpener. Where you have to shrap it after use when needed. This looks like apencil. One of the most significant benefits of the this kajol is that you can smoke it out very easily and create any look.

Guerniss Matte Kohl Kajal Pen

This Guerniss product is also best for your sensitive eyes. This smoothly glides on your eyes and gives an irritation free result. This kajal pen is long lasting, it stays intact on your eyes the whole day long. Besides it is waterproof and doesn’t wash away with water.

You can create any look with this kajal, mostly the smokey eye looks. This doesn’t smudge on the eyes and gives you a jet black attractive look. This product is also vegan, not tested on animals and dermatologically tested.

How To Use

Usage: Apply the Khol Kajal on the outer corner of your lower waterline and drag it slightly below the waterline, you may use it on upper lids as well, it completely depends on how you want to create your eyelook. Its very smooth and blends easily.
You can smudge it on your upper eyelids to create a glam Smokey eyelook. Finish the look with Guerniss Lashfull Mascara


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