Guerniss G/S Water Ripple Highlighter Powder-G382 Ginger Aurora, 9gm

৳ 1,525

৳ 1,525


Product Description

Water ripple highlighter powder refers to the product which gives a watery and glossy effect.  Ripples are basically little waves on the surface of water caused by the wind or by something moving in or on the water.

Ripples occur from the wind blow or when something dropped or thrown into water. Then the water looks wavier and the light reflects so it also sparkles and looks beautiful.

In a word, a small wave or a slight movement of a surface, specifically, the surface of water.

Definition of the product

This type of product specifically gives you a hydrated and glossy effect on your skin. This doesn’t look heavy, chunky or unnatural on your skin. 

This product gives you a water drop like finish on your skin. It gives a glass skin effect on your skin.

Guerniss Water Ripple Highlighter Powder

This product will give you a glow finish like a dropped of water in your cheekbones, forehead, chin, nose and also all the higher part of your face. 

Key Claims & Benefits

  •       Highly pigmented
  •       Suitable for a water like glow
  •       Gives a coverage of the whole day
  •       Easy to blend formula
  •       Leaves a beautiful velvet definition on the skin
  •       Easy to carry

Our product has an exclusive mirror reflecting looking packaging and also the quality is premium. It won’t give you any fallout or chunky feeling on the skin. Besides the shimmer is very easy to blend and makes your skin luminous.

This product is waterproof, long lasting and cruelty free. It comes in three shades which covers up almost all the occasions you may attend. This Highlighter Powder looks flawless on your skin and also gives you a youthful radiant glow.

How to Use

  1.     Do your base makeup first, then apply it with a soft bigger brush in your cheekbone’s forehead or beauty bone in a circular motion.
  2.     When you want to apply it in your nose or an upper portion of your lips use a thin brush. It will be more on point.


When you will use loose powder, you can mix the highlighter with it for a more shimmery glow in your whole face.

Detail Ingredients

Mica, Synthetic Fluor phlogopite, Poly methacrylate, Nylon 12 boron nitride, Corn (ZEAMAYS), mineral oil, methyl paraben, Tocopherol Acetate, Propyl Paraben.

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Made In

Hong Kong




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