Guerniss G/S Squares 6 Color Eye Shadow G662 Peach Gerbera, 12gm

৳ 2,279

৳ 2,279


Product Details

Eye shadow palette six color refers to one kind of makeup product that enhances beauty of the eye.

They are used to shade the eyes or create shadows on the eye area. We also use it to lighten, brighten and make the eye look more defined.

Eyeshadow can be different according to their texture and formula, the types are:

  •       Pressed Powder
  •       Baked Eyeshadow
  •       Stick Eyeshadow
  •       Cream Eyeshadow
  •       Glitter Eyeshadow

We typically apply eyeshadow with brushes, sponges and also fingers. We use different brushes for different types of eyeshadow application. For example, we use flat brushes to pack eyeshadow colour. And fluffy blushes to blend and smoke out etc.

Eyeshadow comes in both single and multiple pallets. A pallet means where there are multiple single eyeshadows. 

Pros of eyeshadow palettes

  •       Several colors and contrast that work well together are combined in a pallet
  •       Often pallets have a good mix of different shadow finishes for example mattes, shimmers, glitter, etc.
  •       Convenient to travel with
  •       Pallets are made in categories for example nude, vibrant and sometimes they are also categorized as color theory as well.

Cons of eyeshadow palettes

  •       Can be a bit pricey, especially for high-end brands
  •       You may not like or use every color, so sometimes not worth the money
  •       For so many people it can be overwhelming to choose between 10+ similar palettes


These eyeshadows come in a palette and with six different colors. It comes in combined with matte, shimmer and glitter shadow in one pallet. The packaging is so premium and exclusive. The compact is mirror reflective and also looks so shiny and elegant.

This comes in six different styles and the colors are also highly pigmented. The eyeshadows don’t fall out. Besides they are easily blend able and give a smooth and desirable finish.

 The glitters are so smooth on the pallet and you can also create any look with the pallet. Moreover, we can create from everyday makeup look to bridal any type look.

 Key claim and benefits

  •       Small and compact.
  •       Great for traveling.
  •       Mirror included.
  •       Six matte and glam finish shades.
  •       Amazingly waterproof.
  •       Long- Lasting
  •       Smudge-proof.
  •       Usage is for shading and highlighting.
  •       Provides a professional look.


How to Use

  1. Firstly, use your eye- shadow base.
    2. Apply a natural shade as the base color.
    3. Choose your favorite colors.
    4. Start with a middle dark color to crease.
    5. Blend the colors, you can also use the shimmery shade in the middle.

Tips: You can use the same colors as contour, or use the shimmer color as contour, or use the shimmer Color as highlighter.


Detailed Ingredients

Mica, C177492, C177491, Silica, Hydroxy benzene, Glycerin, Nutmeg acid magnesium, Tocopherol, Potassium sorbate, Polydimethysiloxare.

Additional information




G662 Peach Gerbera



Made In

Hong Kong


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