Guerniss G/S Misty Velvet Matte Lipstick GB04, 3gm

৳ 1,649

৳ 1,649


Product Description

Misty Velvet Matte lipstick is a kind of matte lipstick which has a smudge-proof formula that keeps lips moisturised while delivering a soft, satin-matte finish. It is initially creamy on the lips but gives a matte finish after drying out. The formula is unique.

The texture of these lipsticks is fully pigmented, long-wearing and matte. Misty Velvet lipsticks are normally opaque and dry with time, this type of lipsticks is especially weightless and gives you a long-wearing finish.

These lipsticks will give you full coverage in only one swipe and it is smudging proof. It is highly saturated. It does not fade away over time. The lipstick is soft and smooth as cream, very easy to apply and also feels comfortable on the lips. 

People seek many types of shades among them. Women mainly seek nude color lipstick to make their lips look younger and smooth.

Features of Guerniss Misty Velvet matte lipstick

  •       Velvety Matte
  •       Highly Pigmented
  •       Creamy smooth touching
  •       Soft, Smooth and Lightweight
  •       Long-lasting
  •       Not dry non-clumping

Guerniss misty velvet matte lipstick

It is a creamy smooth and long-lasting cosmetic product. It’s also a silky, nutritious, and hydrating lipstick. It never spreads and keeps your lips hydrated all day long even after sweating. 

It has epic staying power & a matte finish-the superb combination. It ultimately makes your lips feel so smooth & soft. We have built it with 3D glow pigments and is one swipe application lipstick. Above all Guerniss velvet lipstick has 6 unmatched shade varieties,

  •       GB 01
  •       GB 02
  •       GB 04
  •       GB 05
  •       GB 06

that help you fill your colour desire and look graceful and elegant.

Though the shade range is not huge, there are all types of nude color lipstick shades, dark and bright shades and bold shades. Any makeup look can be created with this matte lipstick. In conclusion, from regular wear to bridal makeovers you can add your favourite shade of the product.

How to Use

Exfoliate your lips and then add moisture. Finish up the rest of your makeup. Use lip liner to get the perfect shape. Apply your favourite shade of Guerniss Velvet Matte Lipstick. And you are good to go.

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Hong Kong


Matte Lipstick


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