Blaze O Skin Glow O Time Toner 40ml

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Blaze O’ Skin “Glow O Time” Toner perfectly balances the pH level of the skin. It contains AHA Acids, which gently exfoliate your skin and promote skin regrowth. Red ginseng, derived from the plant equivalent of snail slime, reduces redness, hydrates the skin surface, and improves firmness noticeably.

How to Use

  •       Take a pad of cotton and add a generous amount of toner. Right after cleansing, wipe the cotton pad in gentle upward movements over your skin.
  •       You can also spray the toner directly on your skin for quick on-the-go hydration. Avoid contact with the eyes.
  •       And that’s simply it. Your skin is exfoliated, radiant, and all set for the next phase of your skincare/makeup routine.

Key Ingredients

AHA Fruit Acids, Niacinamide, Aloe Vera,

Detailed Ingredients

Luminous & Exfoliating Toner The skin’s pH is perfectly balanced by the toner. Its ingredients are based on AHA acids, which gently exfoliate your skin and encourage skin regrowth. Red ginseng that is derived from plants equivalent of snail slime reduces inflammation, greatly hydrates the body, and noticeably improves firmness. Applying the product after cleansing and before applying makeup yields the best effects. Your skin will be glowing and radiant.

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Blaze O Skin


40 ml

Key Ingredients

AHA Fruit Acids, Niacinamide, Aloe Vera,

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